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Arbode Maritiem

Working together with Petra Hrušecká has proven itself to be a very pleasant and highly professional experience.

Her level of quality is beyond anything, no limits to what she can achieve when challenged. Whether it is running a Hotelship as manager to translating in various high end courses in safety education. I have had the pleasure to work with Petra on several occasion and in various projects related to the hospitality branch.

She has an open mind to change management and her sparkling personality brings energy to all she comes in contact with. We have and will continue to work together in the future and I am looking forward to it.

Frank Schepers, Director


Dear Petra,
The year of 2019 was a huge challenge for us. Due to the unforeseeable failure of one of our vessels, we were dependent on your short-term support. The fact that this incident was mastered so excellently is mainly due to your commitment and competent crisis management.

You helped to tackle the situation and through your readiness and spontaneity, you not only helped us to have a successful year in 2019.

We would like to thank you for your enthusiastic commitment to SE-Tours!

Sabine Gövert, Representant

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