International Social Etiquette

Become a woman or man with the polished social grace and confidence to achieve your goals in the social and professional arenas and flourish in your business and personal relationships.

Learn how to charm, engage and leave a lasting impression in different social settings.

The third module invites you to the in-depth training in social etiquette. Focusing on the importance first impressions, with concepts of traditional and modern etiquette.You will learn to present yourself with the decorum and elegance required to deliver impeccable first class service.

We offer different courses, covering all aspects of social and dining etiquette. These are held at our preferred venues: Chateau Amade or Palace Art Hotel, in-house or other agreed location.

Courses can be taken on an individual or small group basis. Tuitions include lively interactive etiquette lessons, expert instructions, tutorial meal, an illustrated workbook, materials, refreshment and a certificate of attendance. Pricing is based on location and topic.

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Social Grace

We offer an interactive, dynamic course where you will polish your social, communication and dining skills. 

The etiquette course will give you the skills and knowledge to deal with different social situations with ease and confidence. 

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Dining Etiquette

Learn and refine the essence of proper dining skills and master the complex techniques from place settings to hold utensils, choosing the most appropriate conversation topics to elegant posture.

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The Finishing Touch

Our Intensive Finishing Program covers a wide range of etiquette categories including European social etiquette general behaviour, formal dining, personal image, society dress code, elocution and communication, posture, deportment and guides you how to present yourself with confidence, grace, charm and credibility in todays modern society.

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Afternoon Tea Etiquette

There are a few things that the British are known for more than their love of tea. This age-old British tradition is laced with some particular rules, which once mastered, is highly enjoyable.

If you would like to feel little closer to this cultural heritage and learn the ‘proper’ way of doing things, join our 1h30 practical session that covers the rituals of a traditional British Tea experience.

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