Petra Hrušecká

Petra Hrušecká

Founder & Director

Petra is an industry recognized professional in quality assurance.  With a life-long passion for education and self-development, Petra has gained extensive knowledge and experience of the hospitality industry.  She also has a PaedDr in teaching English language & literature, and in turn ran her own private language school.

Tactfulness and diplomacy, an ability to work with cross functional teams, and offer productive feedback across all levels, Petra’s skills were used in the development of European Union Projects as Comenius and Erasmus.

After seven years Petra was introduced to the River Cruise industry as a Cruise Director where she was responsible for passengers’ welfare and comfort on board of vessels.  During this period she realized the gap between Clients expectations, and actual delivery.

As a quality manager Petra deepened her knowledge in the hospitality field and gained clear vision of all departments on board.  She worked closely with operating staff where her goals to establish impeccable customer service standards and systems were realized. The simple ethos that a human element is key to delivering quality service brought her the conclusion that personnel training and implementation is paramount.

A keen eye for detail as well as results driven approach are still the number one priority for Petra. Application of an efficient training process has continued to prove increased employees performance and also brought management satisfaction. But most importantly this approach has delivered consumers/costumers satisfaction.

Petra is a true professional with a passion for excellence and results, and she very much looks forward to working with you.

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